This game is about an evil knight, who's been transported to our times by a magician. Problem his, the princess he had captured was teleported to. You have to take her back, but you are lost in a strange place with loads of people.

In this game we tried to mix a where's Waldoo with the hack'n'slash genre.

Mouse to move
WASD or ZQSD to protect yourself from paparazzis 

More info on the "how to play" screen in-game !

Install instructions

Download and unzip, .exe is in the WhereWaldy folder.


Download 107 MB


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Great concept with great mobility and game feel. For a few minute, you can relax killing some happy cosplayer just to find your beloved princess. Fun and hilarious, you can feel that the game designer and the game artists had fun during this jam. This is a really cool piece of art and i am recommending this game.